About Us

Notes Classes


As the name suggests,

  • Notes Classes is an online study portal for science students of Class 11 & Class 12.
  • It is founded by a team of people who are experts of their subjects.




Notes Classes aims the following-

  • To help Class 11 students in preparing for school exams.
  • To help Class 12 students in preparing Class 12 board exams.
  • To help students in preparing for competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advance, NDA etc.


What Do We Provide?


Notes Classes provides the best quality notes of the following subjects-

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics


Our Specialty


  • We specialize in providing the quality notes for exams.
  • The notes provided by Notes Classes are written a team of experts.
  • The notes are comprehensible and lucid in style.
  • These notes will not only save your time but will also make the learning process a lot easier.
  • These notes will help you to write perfect answers in the exams and score excellent marks.


Come & Prepare With Us!